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Our office is all about improving your sleep and eliminating your snoring. We want you and your bed partner to sleep better because better sleep means better health and a better life! Our doctor no longer practices general dentistry; her focus is dental sleep medicine and is an expert in the field. We are committed to helping you every step of the way.

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It has been said that snoring is an alarm telling you that something is wrong with your
breathing. The evidence of a positive correlation between snoring and sleep apnea
is staggering. If you snore, you most likely have sleep apnea. The only way to know
is through a sleep study. This way we can find out if the alarm is a false alarm or a full-fledged fire. If you do not have OSA, we can still help stop the snoring, which has negative effects on your bed partner and
housemates. Finally, recent research has shown that there is an effect of the reverberations
of snoring on dislodging plaques in your arteries leading to stroke. Virtually
100% of snoring can be stopped. Let us help you solve this problem.

Meet Christina Cairns, DDS

“My goal is to help you live a healthier life.”

Dr. Cairns is a Diplomate, American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine and her only focus is obstructive sleep apnea and pain associated with the TMJ. She does not treat any other dental conditions. So you will never feel you are being fit in between crowns, fillings and cleanings. Because of the focused nature of her practice, she can spend more time getting a history and counselling patients on options available to help them make choices that will lead to the best possible outcomes.

Sleep Apnea and pain in the TMJ are medical conditions. A segment of patients with these conditions are best served with appliances that attach to teeth. Knowing when not to treat is often more important than knowing how much to treat. The post graduate training that Dr. Cairns received from UCLA was comprehensive in its approach toward treatments as part of a medical team.

114 different oral appliances have been approved by the FDA to assist in treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Knowing the differences (advantages and disadvantages) between different appliances is our job. Piano keys all look the same, but all the keys make a different sound and a pianist knows how to make music. Dr. Cairns is devoted to implementing the best possible available technologies and testing them until they have achieved the desired results for you.Trust is the basis of all great relationships.

Trust is rarely given quickly. Dr. Cairns understands this and respects this. Dr. Cairns will strive to create a trusting relationship not only between herself and the patients she treats, but between herself and all members of your medical team with whom you have entrusted your care. When communication and follow up/through are free flowing, the best possible outcome follow.

“The best interest of the patient is the only interest to be considered...”
William Mayo, M.D.

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